Safety advice for trekkers:

The Forra del VinadiaTrail is a circular trail equipped with two different levels of difficulty:

  •  A circular path suitable for an average hiker.
  • An appendix suited to experts presents the typical problems of a equipped path by classified as EEA (Italian standards).

Considered the torrential regime of rivers is not recommended to walk during the copious rainfall, or when the weather forecast provide storms; be careful the flow can vary suddenly and can be a problem especially for path EEA appendix.

The track although with signals, is not always uniform and stable, and is scheduled to cross the stream, climb over rocks or crevices between them, across gravel soil or landslides.
The absolute most important danger is slipping, because the path is perpetually wet, passing directly into watercourse and climbing rocky shore in often on wet rocks and mosses and lichens covered.
Because of the high rate of humidity is not recommended travel during no-summer season when the soil is covered with ice layers or after a rain squall, or early in the morning and evening during or after the dew.

Due to its shape the gorge is a dimly lit environment,it is suggested with the midday with the sun high horizon.
It 'probably have wet shoes and then bringing a dress change to end tour.

The path is not suitable for children too young, which must be accompanied by their parents to the presence of dangerous stretches. During the journey keep absolutely hands clear to secure grip and balance.
In the gorge there is no mobile phone signal, so it does not recommend the trip lonely.
The water temperature is almost constant of about ten degrees.

Additional safety instructions for the path EEA

In addition to advice mentioned above, this section is provided:

Full immersion in water, and bring a complete dress change.
It's mandatory helmet, harness and safety lanyards.
In the initial section is necessary to cross a water basin whose depth varies seasonally, and may be required to swim for about ten meters.
Setting up gloves.

Check the weather forecast.